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School Priorities 2020-21

Through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas, we need to demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed:

The Quality of Education

For all teaching to be good or outstanding.

  • Accurate and robust assessment systems are in place across all subjects to ensure that all gaps are identified early and addressed effectively to ensure students are making consistently strong progress.
  • To improve the quality of learning and teaching across all subject areas through a systematic approach to lesson planning, delivery and assessment that demonstrates effective personalization of learning. This will ensure a greater % of students achieve age related targets.
  • Personalised learning that that ensures consistent progress made by all pupils.

Behaviour and Attitudes

To deliver a consistent behavior management program with a focus around positivity and praise.

  • All staff, students and parents demonstrating a good understanding of the concepts and principles of SEMH and thus providing students with a therapeutic platform to achieve their full potential.
  • To improve attendance across the school.

Personal Development

To impact the personal development of all children through the use of robust PSHE and a recovery curriculum in light of the Covid 19 crisis.

  • To develop the therapeutic provision and support for students and staff mental health and well being
  • Embedding core values across the school 

Leadership and Management

To ensure that safeguarding is of the highest priority and meets statutory and best practice requirements.

  • Promoting the consistent application of expectations and policy with all staff and students contributing to the development of the school
  • To introduce and develop the strategic role of the Trust Board
  • To continue to improve upon our positive parent partnerships to enhance home to school collaboration